Research platform

IRLAB uses a unique resource-efficient research method called the Integrative Screening Process (ISP) to generate the company’s drug pipeline. The proprietary technology platform, ISP, is built on a systems pharmacology discovery approach with an extensive, world-unique, standardized database of CNS compounds and classes collected over 25 years.

IRLAB’s portfolio is generated with the unique proprietary drug discovery platform ISP, which has proven to enable the discovery of truly novel first-in-class compounds. The ISP methodology combines systems biology screening models, an extensive database, and modern machine learning-based analytical methods. This means that IRLAB obtains unique insights into the overall effect of the studied molecules at an early stage.

The platform can already at the discovery phase predict the drug candidates with the greatest potential in a certain indication, as well as the lowest technical risks. ISP provides an improvement in probability of drug discovery success in clinical phase transition, compared with industry standard. This is also exemplified by higher probability of demonstrating clinical proof-of-concept in patients and reach later stages of clinical development for an ISP-generated drug candidate compared with industry standard.

Our discovery and development strategy provides IRLAB with a strong competitive advantage in the discovery of novel treatments for Parkinson’s and other CNS disorders. It is important to IRLAB to constantly refine and develop its technology-base and remain at the forefront of modern drug discovery. A close cooperation with universities and academic researchers also contribute to IRLAB being able to keep leading the development of cutting-edge technology.

Depicting the ISP approach.