Drug candidate IRL757 originate from the P001 research program and aims to treat apathy in neurological disorders. The candidate is in preclinical development phase.

IRL757 is in preclinical development and aims at a once daily oral tablet to treat apathy in Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders. Apathy is a debilitating condition affecting over 10 million people in the US and equally many in Europe. The prevalence is high, occurring in 20–70 percent of people with Parkinson’s and in 20–90 percent of people with disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders related to CNS.

Preclinical efficacy by IRL757 has been obtained in several pre-clinical models representing various aspects of cognitive function including potential signals of improved motivation. The efficacy by IRL757 observed, is hypothesized to be associated with IRL757’s unique pharmacology to reverse disruption in cortical to sub-cortical nerve signaling, a proposed mechanism underlying apathy in neurological disorders.

Non-clinical development activities related to CMC, toxicology and safety studies to prepare for regulatory submission to start Phase I studies are currently ongoing. IRL757 is expected to be Phase I ready by the year-end 2023.