Drug candidate IRL942 originated from the P001 research program and aims to improve cognitive function and brain health in people living with CNS disorders. There is about 12 percent of adults aged 65 years or more experiencing cognitive decline greatly affecting their quality of life. The drug candidate is in preclinical development phase.

Drug candidate IRL942 is targeting a once-daily oral tablet to treat cognitive deficits in Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders with the aim to improve cognitive function. There are about 12 percent of adults aged 65 years or more experiencing cognitive decline, which greatly affect quality of life and it is more common in people living with neurological disorders.

Disruption of frontal cortical neurotransmission is implicated in the pathogenesis of cognitive decline and neuro-psychiatric symptoms in Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders. IRL942 displays a unique ability to activate frontal cortical neurotransmission, synaptic gene expression, and associated circuits, improving cognitive function in several preclinical models of impaired cognitive function.

Non-clinical development activities related to CMC (development of large scale synthesis and production of drug compound and manufacturing of drug product for regulatory studies), toxicology and safety studies are ongoing, in preparation for regulatory submission to start Phase I studies. IRL942 is expected to Phase I ready during H1 2024.