Nomination committee

The work of the Nomination Committee is regulated by the instruction resolved by the AGM and; in addition to the Chairman of the Board, it consists of three representatives for the largest owners or owner groups according to Euroclear Sweden AB at 31 August of the year before the meeting.

The instructions for the work of the Committee have been made available in both the minutes from the AGM of 16 May 2017 and separately on the company’s website. The composition of the Nomination Committee, together with the contact details to facilitate shareholder contact with the Committee, are made available on the company’s website for at least six months before the AGM.

The task of the Nomination Committee is to evaluate the current Board of Directors as well as to evaluate proposals submitted for new Board members; this is to ensure that the Board has the appropriate competence, experience and background. The proposals from the Nomination Committee for the Board of Directors and for the Chairman of the Board must be submitted to the owners in connection with publication of the notice to attend the AGM. In addition to proposals for the Board of Directors and Chairman, the Nomination Committee will submit proposals for the following:

  • the chairman of the meeting
  • the number of Board members and deputies
  • fees for Board members and to members of any committees
  • the number of auditors and deputy auditors
  • auditors
  • fees for auditors

The Nomination Committee will, where necessary, also submit proposals for changes in the instruction to the Committee.

Read the full instructions for the committee.