Annual General Meeting 2022

The annual general meeting 2022 was held on May 11, 2022 in Gothenburg with possibility for advanced voting via post.

Direct link to the recording of the AGM >
Note that it is subject to resolution at the AGM.

Notice and other documents available before the AGM

The notice also includes suggestions regarding principles for the nomination committee as well as guidelines for salary and other compensation to senior management.

IRLAB – Notice to AGM 2022

IRLAB – Nomination committees proposal and motivated opinion 2022 (in Swedish) including information about proposed board members

Annual report 2021 (includes auditor’s report, corporate governance report, auditor’s report on the corporate governance report)

IRLAB – Remuneration report 2021 (in Swedish)

IRLAB – Opinion about remuneration (in Swedish)

Documents available after the AGM

IRLAB – Minutes from AGM (including appendicies) – in Swedish