IRLAB announces share split

May 17, 2019

At IRLAB Therapeutics AB’s Annual General Meeting on April 25, 2019, it was decided to divide the company’s share in a so-called share split. The resolved terms for the share split are a 5:1 split, where each current share (1) is divided into five (5) shares of the same kind. The date for implementation of the share split has now been decided.

The last day of trading in the share before the split is Monday, May 27, 2019 and the first day of trading in the share after the split is Tuesday, May 28, 2019. This means that the share price will reflect the effect of the split from May 28, 2019.

The record date for the implementation of the share split is Wednesday, May 29, 2019 and the shares received through the split are expected to be registered on the shareholders’ accounts on Friday, May 31, 2019, which is the first banking day after the record date.

The new ISIN number will be SE0012675361 for the Series A shares and SE0012675379 for the Series B shares.

Through the share split, the number of shares in the company will increase from a total of 8,099,939, whereof 8,028,388 Series A shares and 71,551 Series B shares, to a total of 40,499,695, whereof 40,141,940 Series A shares and 357,755 Series B shares. The terms for converting Series B shares to Series A shares and the terms for outstanding warrants have because of the split been recalculated according to general terms.

The split of the company’s shares takes place automatically via Euroclear Sweden AB and shareholders do not need to take any action.

For further information

Nicholas Waters, CEO                
Phone: +46 730 75 77 01                

Viktor Siewertz, CFO
Phone: +46 727 10 70 70


IRLAB is a Swedish biotech company focused on Parkinson's disease. The company's clinical Phase II candidates, IRL752 and IRL790, intend to treat some of the most difficult symptoms related to Parkinson's disease: involuntary movements (LIDs), psychosis and dementia. Through the proprietary ISP (Integrative Screening Process) research platform, IRLAB discovers and develops drug candidates for central nervous system (CNS) related diseases where big growing medical needs exist. In addition to the clinical candidates, the ISP platform has also generated several CNS programs that are now in preclinical phase. IRLAB's Certified Adviser on Nasdaq First North is FNCA Sweden AB,, +46 (0)8‑528 00 399. More information on

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