IRL receives MPA approval to conduct a 4 week Phase Ib clinical study with IRL790 in patients with Parkinsons disease

October 13, 2016

After completing initial Phase I SAD and MAD studies IRL has now received approval from Läkemedelsverket (the Swedish MPA) and Regionala Etikprövningsnämnden, EPN, (the ethics committee, Uppsala) to conduct a Phase Ib clinical trial with IRL790. IRL now initiates its first clinical study in patients with Parkinsons disease, focusing on safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics during 4 weeks treatment. IRL790, is a psychomotor stabilizer, having potential to alleviate both the adverse motor effects (L-dopa induced dyskinesia, LID) and the adverse psychiatric effects (psychosis) induced by L-dopa in patients with PD.